Humanistic Education/Educación Humanística

2019 – Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie / Alternative Practitioner for Psychotherapy. Heart and Soul Academy, Bremen, Germany. Lecturer: Silke Zimmermann.

2016 – Mindfulness Intensive (MBSR) – Stress Reduction. Lecturer: Victoria Norton. Training in Bremen.

2016-2017 – Training in Family and Systemic Constellations. The Center for Systemic Constellations. Training in London, UK.

2017 – Systemic Coaching and Constellations. The Whole Partnership. Training in London, UK

2016-2017 – Nonviolent Communication. Training in Bremen. Facilitator: Michael Blech.

2017 – Facilitating Systemic Transformation through Nonviolent Communication and Neurobiology. Facilitator: Sarah Peyton. Training in Warsaw, Poland.

2017 – Training: Stress and Burnout Counsellor. Lecturer: Uta Verbeek. Paracelsus die Heilpraktikerschule, Oldenburg, Germany.

2018-2019 – Professional Training: Art and Creative Therapy. Lecturer: Amina Wotsch. Paracelsus die Heilpraktikerschule, Bremen, Germany.

2019 – Training: Client Centred Therapy. Lecturer: Dr. Günter Haberkamp. Paracelsus die Heilpraktikerschule, Bremen, Germany.

2020 – Certified Trainer for Children and Young Adults with AD(H)S. Lecturer: Ute Katharina Höhn. Paracelsus die Heilpraktikerschule, Frankfurt, Germany.

2021 – Seminar: Sexual Therapy – Methods and Tools. Lecturer: Angelika Salmen. Paracelsus die Heilpraktikerschule, Hamburg, Germany

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